Perplexing en-us Family Pancake House Review... Delicious We went to the Family Pancake House for pancakes, omelets and for good measure, a banana. Brendan recommends it because it's a great place to eat. Dominic says it's better than eating at home. Boys Had Laughs at Aladdin Puppet Show On Saturday we went to a puppet show. The show was called Aladdin and it was put on by Carter Family Puppets. The Day We Missed Pancake Day We have a tradition of attending IHOP's annual Pancake Day celebration, where we dine on fluffy goodness and donate to one of our favorite charities; Children's Miracle Network. Big Wheel (Allegedly) Keeps on Turnin' It's (low-traffic, low-readership) Sunday again, which can only mean two things. Time for Sunday school and time for yet another demi-mediocre Sunday-style Perplexing Times article. You Can't Park Your Frog Here Hey, listen, I like your frog-mobile, I really do, but rules are rules and even though I don't know what they are I'm pretty sure I can point and mutter this quietly: You can't park your frog here. Problem Found, Ya Got No Motor Okay this is wierd. I'm no mechanic or anything but when I heard that this Subaru couldn't do more than about 10 mph I had to have a look under the hood. What I found was alarming, the darn thing had only bicycle pedals chained into the tranny and no motor. Navy's Trojan Horse Program Cancelled As I've come to understand it the US Navy has been working for the past year in total secrecy to develop an aquatic trojan horse program to infiltrate foreign coasts with the greatest of sneakiness. Now, due to unforeseeable drawbacks and cutbacks it has sadly been abandoned. Our Sister Site Is Launched Our creative team has been working on it for years and we're embarrassed to say it's taken this long, but has finally launched, and the early reviews say it's pretty darn great and plenty of fun. Pancake Day Cometh but Once a Year Holidays aside, we're not much for religious pilgrimages.* Sure, you've got your anticipation at Christmas, your bunny hunting at Easter and the unforgettable costumes of Halloween, but there's one day too often forgotten from the calendar, and that's Pancake Day. And there's no better way to celebrate it than with a free short-stack of those golden flappy jackies from IHOP. PhotoWorks Good for Everyday, Any Day, Even Valentine's Day We're already pretty much raving fans of, and not just because they've got the stalwart professionalism of American Greetings backing them up. When we wanted prints for Christmas, we turned to them, and again when we wanted an oversize print the local shops couldn't make. But there are a bunch of reasons we use PhotoWorks, and why we suggest them to you. Visit the Great State of Montana With Kids If you've ever even dreamed of the Big Sky state, this summer may be as ideal a time as any to pay a visit. Travel costs are up, the economy is down, and many of the great American relics you learned about in grade school still exist, but they're dying off by the year. Here is a summary of only our best and highest rated Montana review articles. Montana Reviews Continue on the Best Montana Site We've been running Montana articles with painfully few interruptions since we first headed east to the Old West last summer and we know it's tiring for those of our readers not looking explicitly for that sort of info, but there's good news, one might assume. We're closing out the Montana stories, more or less, effectively now. Golf May Be Miniature, Fun Still Full Size As a man of miniature stature myself, I'm always on the lookout for new things more me-sized than medium. Mostly my size-based pursuits lead to nothing (thanks a lot, jumbo shrimp!) but there is one thing sized to pint that's true to its name, and it is miniature golf. I discovered it, and I immediately learned to love it. Butte Visitor Center Must-First-Stop in Historic Mining Town As an ever-traveling tourist, it's easy to give up the easy "gimme" destinations in any given town. If you're in San Francisco, you need to check out the Golden Gate Bridge, or if you're in Shanghai you need to check out the Great Panda, but when you're in any town, you really should stop in at the local visitors center, and Butte Montana has a great one. Yellowstone County Museum Coolest Free Museum in Area Most free museums feel like junk stores without price tags, but this place, as small and four miles away from where you probably want to be, wasn't just worth the trip, it was straight up awesome. Not only did we find a bunch of great cowboy stuff to buy our brother for his upcoming birthday at fine prices, but we also saw neat stuff, had great fun, and all on free admission.